Thumbnail Blaster Upsells Review: Are These Upgrades Worthy In 2021?

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Thumbnail Blaster is a cloud-based Thumbnail creator application that creates eye-catchy attractive thumbnails for video platforms in just few clicks. The editor allows front-end designing of thumbnails using pre-built templates. The software uses Artificial Intelligence to find and use appropriate images. It comes with user-friendly features like Youtube account linking, Split Testing, Graphics Library, and Drag & Drop editor.

Thumbnail Blaster OTO Upgrade comes with four upsells that are Thumbnail Blaster Pro, Thumbnail Blaster Agency License, Thumbnail Blaster Template Club and Lingo Blaster Pro. All these upgrades are members only upsells and can only be purchased by those who have a valid license of Thumbnail Blaster frontend software.

These are optional upgrades not mandatory to use Thumbnail Blaster. These upsell make no difference in the thumbnail editor. Although they improve the usefulness of the app. Highlights of upsells are given below.

Thumbnail Blaster Upsells: Highlights

Upsell 1 - Thumbnail Blaster Pro

This upsell provides Multiple account Integration, Save Template functionality, AI Image analysis, Image filters with Background removal, and an Extended support License.

Upsell 2- Thumbnail Blaster Agency License

This upgrade is meant for those who want to sell the thumbnails as a freelancer. Benefits of this license include clients’ account management, Agency Website, and Watermark Thumbnail sharing.

Upsell 3- Thumbnail Blaster Template Club

Template Club Upsell unlocks 400 additional templates on the spot and 20 Done-for-you templates every month.

Upsell 4 - Lingo Blaster Pro

This upgrade will help you to translate your video titles and description into 100+ languages. Perfect for those who want to rank in different languages and regions.

Thumbnail Blaster Upsells Review- My Recommendation

Thumbnail Blaster are optional upgrades to the main front end software. These can be purchased to enhance the accessibility and usability of the software. Like, they got really cool out of the box features in Upsell-4 Lingo Blaster Pro upgrade where you can translate the video description and title in just few clicks. These upsells are developed to cater the need of specific users and solve a particular problem. They might be useful for some but not for all. Thumbnail Blaster is complete and well functional without these upsells as well.

I highly recommend everyone who is searching for a drag and drop thumbnail maker to go for the Thumbnail Blaster. There are many AI powered Thumbnail creators in the Industry but none of them are feature-rich, beginner friendly and cost effective. There is absolutely no reason to not buy this cloud based software. If you have not purchased frontend software yet, grab it at 60% discount using the discount link by Clicking here.

But, I suggest everyone to not buy all upsells at once. Members should purchase only those upsells that fulfils their specific requirements. For example, Upsell-2 Agency upgrade is only meant for those who are planning to deal in sale of thumbnails to clients. With this upsell they can easily scale out their freelancing business using their agency website, training and templates.

Each upsell caters specific need and are not meant for everyone. Upsells were essential but not every upsell will stand useful to everyone. It is recommended to bookmark this page for referring upsells later in future when you get more idea about what you need in this AI powered Thumbnail maker.

Hope this information helped you in some way. I am dropping the special discount link to grab the Thumbnail Blaster at the lowest price possible. You can purchase the OTO upsells inside the funnel. Thanks for reading.

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