Sqribble Upsells Review 2021: A Value Upgrade Or Money Dump?

Sqribble OTO upgrade comes with four upsells which are Sqribble professional, Sqribble prime, Sqribble Fantasia 3d and Auto job finder software. All these are chargeable extra. These are optional upgrades not mandatory to use sqribble. One must have sqribble core software to get these updates. Highlight of upsells are mentioned below.
Sqribble Upsells OTO

Sqribble Upsells: Highlights

Upsell 1 - Sqribble Professional

Sqribble professional comes with 150 additional new eBook Templates, 99000 Article Content Engine, 8,900 Stock Image Library Collection and a lot more!

Upsell 2 - Sqribble Prime

If you have exhausted all the templates of the basic version and you want new templates monthly go with Sqribble Prime. It brings 15 new Ebook templates every month.

Upsell 3 - Sqribble Fantasia 3D

You can give a 3D feel to your readers using “Flipbook”. Pages will be flipped like a real book. You can also Generate 3D Mockups for your Ebooks.

Upsell 4 - Auto Job Finder software

If you wanna get paid for providing services like ebook formatting and designing. You can opt for this upgrade to get jobs automatically on Autojob Software.

Sqribble Upsells Review- My Recommendation

Sqribble upsells are truly optional upgrades to the Sqribble main core front end software. One can juice all the great benefits of sqribble without even paying for these upgrades. Sqribble in itself is complete in all aspects, these updates just fulfills specific user needs and are not mandatory at all. Read our detailed review of Sqribble ebook builder here.
Sqribble funnel will try hard to make you buy these upsells.  But in my opinion you should go and explore Sqribble core software first instead of checking out all at once. I would highly recommend Sqribble e-book builder to everyone, but upsells to only those who have used sqribble and need more resources. I recommend you to bookmark the links given below and purchase the upsells when you get comfortable with the main core software Sqribble.
I am dropping the special discount link to grab the Sqribble. You can purchase the upsells inside the funnel. Thanks for reading.

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