Creaite Review: A.I Powered Article Generator Exposed

Creaite A.I Content Creator Web App

Creaite Review: A.I Powered Article Generator Exposed

The Artificial Intelligence is getting more advanced and replacing humans over time. Today, In this review I will talk about the webapp Creaite, which can handle quality content creation taking care of search engine optmization standards.

Many online article generators and rewriters already exists but they are not as good as humans for writing unique and readable articles.

The makers believe that Creaite has the capability to generate human-like content for any niche within just 90 seconds. 

It’s Artificial Intelligence content creator is something unique which nobody has experienced in the past.

As requested by our readers, we arranged a review copy to test the complete Creaite AI content creator and conclude whether it has the power to replace humans in quality content creation.

Creaite Review: Overview

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Creaite is an artificial Intelligence web application that generates perfectly readable human written like content for any niche within just 90 seconds.

Creaite is developed by Joshua Zamora and Kyle Colyer, who have launched some very successful software products in the past like Syndbuddy, Syndtrio, DFY suite and lot more. 

Joshua Zamora always come up with the products that solves a real problem. In this review you will find out how perfectly the problem to find original quality content got solved.

Creaite Review: Features

Here are some of the remarkable features of Creaite are:

  • Have Perfectly-Written Content Created FOR YOU At ANY Time AND it’ll be written in under 90 seconds. 
  • Get More Traffic, More Sales And More Profit By Leveraging The MOST Powerful Strategy Ever: Content Marketing! 
  • Get More Rankings By Giving Google EXACTLY What It Wants: Constant, Quality Content! 
  • NEVER have to spend hundreds or even THOUSANDS of dollars to have content written for you 
  • NEVER worry about the QUALITY of the content you’ll be getting from a writer whose native language is not English. 
  • Provide MORE Value To Your Target Audience and Convert MORE Visitors into Subscribers! 
  • And much much more! 

How does It work?

Generating fresh articles from Creaite is a no brainer task and you don’t need any technical skills whatsoever. In just few clicks and less than 90 seconds, you will have a SEO friendly article ready. Let me show you the exact simple 3 steps:

1) Login To Creaite Web-Based Dashboard

Creaite is a 100% web-based tool. That means that it does NOT matter what kind of computer you have. As long as you have an internet connection, you can have Creaite writing your content for you.

2) Tell Creaite What Niche You Want Your Content In

This is the exciting Step. Here is where you see the magic happen! All you have to do here is:

  1. Select your main niche 
  2. Select your sub-niche 
  3. Choose what folder you’d Ilke your articles to go into (optional)
  4. Provide Creaite with just ONE seed-sentence so it knows EXACTLY what you want content written about

3) Copy, Edit, Download, or Share Your Content

At this point we’ve provided you with several different options. Once your article has been created, you’ll be able to:

  1. Immediately copy your article so you can publish It to your site right away
  2. Edit the article In ANY way you’d like. Most of the times it won’t even needed.
  3. Download your content so you can edit it locally
  4. Instantly SHARE your articles with our built-in sharing features so you can deliver your work to your clients within SECONDS!

Creaite Pricing and Upsells

Creaite main frontend software is priced at $44 which includes lifetime access to web application and free 50 credits that let you generate 50 high quality articles. You can recharge the credits anytime inside the software.

Cost to generate one AI powered human written like article is just 1 credit. That means intially you will be able to generate articles at the price of just 1 dollar which is the cheapest you can get anywhere for this kind of quality content.

Creaite Upsell 1: Creaite Agency+

Creaite Upsell 2: Creaite Booster

Creaite Upsell 3 : Creaite Plugin

Creaite Upsell 4 : Creaite Whitelable

What Are The Bonuses?

BONUS 1: Free Access To Write Content in 25 Additional Niches (297$ Value)

We already talked about this previously, but it’s worth mentioning AGAIN, because it TRULY is that valuable.

This bonus is going to allow you to unlock an additional 25 of the HOTTEST and most profitable niches online!

This will allow you to practically DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your profit, by allowing you to create more content in MORE niches at ANY time!

And I’m talking about niches where people actually BUY products and services. Niches that will put MONEY in YOUR POCKET!

Niches where if you provide them with GREAT content (which Creaite will write for you) they’ll continue buying from you over and over and over again!

BONUS 2: Free Access To Agency License (497$ Value)

This bonus here EASILY packs the MOST potential PROFIT in your pocket! There are HUMAN writers out there charging CRAZY amounts of money to write content for other people. 

Heck, even on Fiverr you’ll find people charging $5-$10 ALL day long for just ONE article! 

Can you imagine how much you can make by charging people to write content for them and have Creaite do ALL the work for you? 

With this bonus, you’ll have FULL rights to be able to use Creaite to write and sell content to your clients!

BONUS 3: Free Access To Creaite Containers Feature (97$ Value)

They didn’t want to only make their A.l Content creator as easy to use as possible, they wanted to make it as easy for you to be able to PROFIT with it as well.

They know that one of the FASTEST ways users will make money with their platform is by providing CONTENT as a SERVICE to your clients, which is why we are including their agency rights as a bonus as well. Your clients will NEVER know this content was machine generated, we guarantee it. 

To make things EASIERContainers feature comes in. This feature will allow you to EASILY organize ALL the content that Creaite writes for you into separate “containers.” 

So this means you can create different containers for different sites you own, or different clients you’re working with, etc etc.

BONUS 4: Access To Containers Sub-Access (97$ Value)

This goes HAND in HAND with the bonus we mentioned above. They REALLY wanted to step things up and continue making it EASIER for you to profit with this platform. 

So not only are you getting access to Containers feature.. 

You’ll also be able to take it a step further and give SUB-ACCESS to your containers, so you can either DELIVER the work to your clients, or send the content to your VA to get them posted on your sites!

It truly makes it EASY to get the content where it needs to go!

Does It Produce Unique Articles?

We all know only the content which is of decent quality will only be indexed by google and other search engines. Content that is Copied, duplicate or having grammatical or spelling mistakes will no where show in google SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

So it is important to ensure the quality of the content along with quantity. I will use the online tool called duplichecker to find out if the article generated is copied or unique. This palagiarism test will

We will perform the Plagiarism Test to check the quality of articles produced by Creaite. To do that, We will paste the article produced in duplichecker which will find out if the content is duplicate or copied.

You can see the article produced is 100% Unique and 0% Plagiarism. The result shocked us into thinking how far the A.I has came. 

Now we can conclude that this content creator is different and has the ability to generate articles that are unique, fresh, readable and plagiarism free.

My Verdict On Creaite Review

First of all thank you for showing interest in my review. As I conclude Creaitive honest review, hope you get enough knowledge regarding the product which will help you taking an informed decision.

Frankly Speaking I have never seen this kind of Real Human like Article generator tool that produces unique article every time.

Creaitive is the best of the best tool i can recommend, It will solve your content creation Problem forever.

If you are a Content Creator, Advertiser, Social Media Manager, business owner or a Marketer then this AI power packed tool is for you.

There Is no software In the Industry that can beat Creaitive In terms of Price, features & quality. Launch offer discount is a cherry on the cake as it makes it a must try deal.

Grab Creaitive Right Now With My Discounted Price & Also Grab your Free Bonuses that’s worth Over $3000.

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